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Multi touch attribution model - Library puzzle

Question asked by Simon Lessard on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Simon Lessard

Since this great First, Last and Multi Touch attribution for UTM parameters and auto tagging emails from Erik Heldebro, I started to gather around pieces of our marketing efforts to assemble a v.1 of my attribution model.


I wonder how to attribute the content consumption that isn't part of any particular campaign. Scenario could look like, a lead visits our website after a tradeshow and wanders around our massive library, getting in touch of 6 pieces (2 white papers, 4 specs sheet) of content and then requests a quote (convert to MQL at this point).


Choices would be:

A) Each piece of content is stamped as an individual touch, in which case there could be lots of noise to analyze.

B) Each type of content is stamped as type (white paper, spec sheet) of content, which reduces noise but doesn't indicate which pieces are leading to MQL.

C) Content consumption session is considered as one single touch.

D) [Insert your idea]


I need some Community input here.


Thanks as always,