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Marketo to Dynamics - hows that working out?

Question asked by Mark Wallace on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Mark Wallace

Hello All,


We have Marketo and we have Dynamics but it seems to get them to talk with the standard Marketo connectors is not a fun process.


Is it correct that to push a lead from Marketo into Dynamics means that all data in dynamics is overwritten (including in the contact area).  This I'm told cannot be switched off.


I just want to push from Marketo into leads and then let the merge take place on conversion.


Can anyone clarify that, its tricky to find specific info regarding the overwrite of the contact.  Clearly the web forms can bring in bad data in terms of quickly filled out forms and I want to add to and not replace the contact record.


My IT dept want to force dupes into Marketo to trigger a new lead push into leads in Dynamics?????


Any suggestions, pointers or experiences is greatly appreciated.


Thanks all