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Custom Activity REST API Response Error

Question asked by 6bc2cd1f7cd09a8e923404415f87b76cd7359bcf on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi everyone,


I am trying to create a custom activity in marketo for leads with Marketo REST API. I'm following all the given steps in the documentation: and getting undesirable response. I am trying to create the activities for leads which exist in marketo database, but  when I post my request data to the create activities endpoint, every time I am getting the result of "status: skipped". I checked the meaning of this response that it shows when the api cannot find any lead in marketo, although I am passing a known lead's id in the request body's paramenter: "leadId".


When I am trying to get the activity details for the same lead(s), I am getting the accurate response. I am trying to understand if I am missing any step and I thoroughly done my RnD on it. Still cannot figure out why such a response is showing. If anyone out there have a slight clue about this same issue please share your insights with me. Would be a great deal of help if you guys could help me sort this out. This is the response that I am getting on every POST hit:


Response Status:{

  "requestId": "xxxxxxxxxx",

  "result": [


      "status": "skipped"



  "success": true