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    mktoMobileHide triggered by activating mobile version in LP editor

    Robb Barrett

      I recently had a page stop working in Mobile view. Further investigation lead me to find the mktoMobileHide code had been added to my page and I had no clue how or what added it.  At first I thought it was the "Validate Mobile Version" in the LP editor. Upon further investigation I found out one of my co-workers had looked at the page in the LP editor, clicked on the Mobile tab to see it there and approved Marketo to make a Mobile version of the page, which blanked out the entire page by inserting the code.


      For people who are hit with the mktoMobileHide issue, who have scripted their own mobile friendly CSS and HTML, go into the LP editor and turn off the Mobile Version and see if that works.

        • Re: NEVER hit "Validate Mobile Compatibility" on your templates!
          Justin Cooperman

          Hi Robb,


          This is not accurate. "Validate Mobile Compatibility" on a "Free Form" Landing Page Template does very, very little. In fact, it only does the following:


          From http://docs.marketo.com/display/DOCS/Make+an+Existing+Free-form+Landing+Page+Template+Mobile+Compatible


          Must have <!DOCTYPE HTML>

          Must have a <HEAD> element

          Must have a <TITLE> in the <HEAD> element

          Must have <META CHARSET="UTF-8"> within the <HEAD> element

          Must have a <BODY> element that contains one (and only one) <DIV class="mktoContent"></DIV>


          So, it doesn't add practically anything to your Free Form template's code. It ensures that the above points are in place so that if a user chooses to "Activate a Mobile Version" of a Landing Page that uses your template, Marketo can make it work correctly and build their basic, mobile view. Marketo does not add any classes to a Landing Page unless a user Activates a Mobile Version of that Landing Page. Just because a Free Form template is "Mobile Compatible" doesn't mean a user must activate a Mobile Version on an individual page itself that uses your template. It can be left de-activated (which is also the default setting).


          You shouldn't instruct people to never activate a mobile view of their "Free Form" page. Free form templates are generally not built to be responsive, so without activating a custom mobile view built within the Free Form landing page editor, most pages would not look good on mobile.


          For templates that already have responsive code built-in, the vast majority of our customer now leverage "Guided" mode landing page templates (>50% of Marketo Landing Pages are now Guided). The Guided landing page editor does NOT have a "activate mobile version" feature because these templates, by nature, are responsive.


          For customer that have coded responsive Landing Page templates, the Guided mode pages should be leveraged.