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    NPS Score in Marketo integrated with Salesforce Cases

      Hi Community!


      I am a Salesforce Admin but really new to Marketo, and I started to investigate if NPS could be built anywhere between these two systems.

      I ran into this thread which was really helpful but also raised other doubts: https://nation.marketo.com/message/151551

      My ideal scenario would involve the survey to be sent upon case closure in Salesforce, which from the article above, I understand can be done with Custom Objects in Marketo.


      Why aren't forms suitable to be used for NPS? I read through Marketo documentation and thought that was the tool to be used for that.

      What should I use for this scenario?

      This article also has some interesting ideas: How to Create a Net Promoter Score Program in Marketo | Knak.


      Thank you in advance for your support.

      Best regards



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          Sanford Whiteman

          As Greg & I mentioned on the other thread, you need to be very aware of API limits if you are going to use COs to store survey responses. It can do more harm than good to move to technologies that fit a niche in theory, but are rate-limited in reality. You can easily deny yourself service (by sending out more surveys than you have API calls to give) and a malicious user can do the DoS job for you even if your legit users don't.


          That said, the idea of using pure Marketo forms (which do not natively create Custom Objects) as surveys isn't crazy. I've probably been as open to it as anyone. The hurdle isn't really getting one set of survey responses from one lead -- you're right that that's what forms are quite good at -- but:


          1. inability to slice-and-dice interesting responses vs. other characteristics across your whole database, since forms are geared toward populating individual independent fields;
          2. inability to group fields into a true "survey" unit, because the notion of a field-to-single-form relationship doesn't exist; and
          3. inability to record a chain of successive form fillouts from the same lead, since forms with the same fields are expected to overwrite values.


          All 3 of these can be worked around in creative ways: for example, using history fields and JSON posts allows for unlimited fillouts of the same form to be stored separately, and Visibility Rules can emulate "branching" logic like you'll see in dedicated survey tools. But reporting can get really complex as a result. It's hard to explain exactly what's wrong with the approach if you're brand-new to Marketo. I think you'll see what we mean over time, which is not to say you won't get workable results overall, but don't overpromise to your company that Marketo secretly has SurveyMonkey hiding inside it....

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