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    Skipped execution due to that the lead XXXXX is not a sfdc lead/contact

    Teresa Hsu

      I got this error message --  Skipped execution due to that the lead 1584242 is not a sfdc lead/contact

      The lead filled out the form and I have a smart campaign to sync the activity over to SFDC.

      This lead was merged at some point, deleted at some point and converted at some point.  This is actually one of our employee tried to test the campaign.  There is another lead with a different email address exists in SFDC, but same lead name and company name.

      Even if all those happened, I would assume if Marketo cannot find any matching records in SFDC, it would create a new lead.  However, that's not happening.

      Does anyone know what that error message means?

      Shouldn't Marketo create new lead when it can't find any match lead/contact in SFDC?



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          Grégoire Michel

          HI Teresa,


          Without knowing what flow step was skipped, hard to tell you what happened. Is it the "Create task"?


          And i what order have all these happened? What if the SFDC lead ID? SFDC Type? Was the lead created with this form fill out?


          In any case, AFAIK, on the create task, Marketo does not try to create the lead in SFDC. The fact that another lead exists with a different email address does not impact this one and is not relevant to it.


          More globally, in these types of situation, better provide some screen shots.



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            Dory Viscogliosi

            Hi Teresa, the skipped execution due to the fact that someone isn't a lead/contact is specifically because you're asking Marketo to do one of the Salesforce actions, but the record you're trying to impact doesn't exist in Salesforce. If you take a look at the record where this is an issue, you'll most likely see that SFDC type is empty. It's also possible/likely (since this is a test record) that somewhere else in the error log you will see an issue that the record couldn't be created because it is a duplicate. This could be of the SFDC ID, or of the email address, depending if you have anything blocking creation of duplicate records in SFDC.


            I'd say that most of the time, as long as you have an appropriate sync to SFDC step prior to the step that is doing a SFDC action, you won't encounter this issue. For internal test records, you are much more likely to run into issues that wouldn't happen with normal records.

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