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    Salesforce Overwriting a Contact When a Lead Fills Out a Form With the Same Email?

      I thought I had the answer to this from the information I received on the community site. However, after selecting in the Field Updates section not to update email address after form fill out it is not updating the email address. It is however still updating all of the other lead/contact information.

      Use Case:
      Ted Williams is a contact in SF they are already one of our clients and his email is info@baseball.com
      Then Joe Dimaggio submits one of our forms online using the email info@baseball.com and it does not make a new lead it just updates Ted's account to say Joe Dimaggio instead of Ted Williams.

      How do I get this to stop from happening?

      My ideal scenario is that every time a lead submits a form it makes a new lead regardless of whether or not they are in marketo as a lead, salesforce as a lead or salesforce as a contact.

      I am out of ideas?