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Member status updates sometimes not syncing to campaign object in sfdc

Question asked by Danni Holleran on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hi everyone,


We are noticing that in some cases our member status updates are not syncing to Salesforce.


We have a channel with a number of tags or member statuses in Marketo that match what we have in the advanced setup for our campaign in Salesforce. In Marketo, under the program we have a number of smart campaigns and in the flow of each SC we update the status, fire an Interesting Moment and also update/change status in SFDC campaign. Most of the time this works, yet we have a number of cases where the status, e.g. Usage Trigger 1  does not appear on the campaign object in sfdc. It shows up in Marketo as being synced with no failure reports, the Interesting Moment also shows up on via Sales Insight app and is view-able in Salesforce but some of these updates are not showing up on our campaign member status roll-up.


Any ideas why this is not syncing across?




Lead activity updates in Marketo look good:

Sales Insight synced okay:


Campaign object member status does not get updated for this lead and the only status that makes it through that day 12/20 is for a different lead/different status: