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    Lead Scoring Inbound Versus Third Party or Tradeshow

      Hi All,


      I am doing some research on lead scoring and through my research I understand it is very easy for us to track and score a lead if they complete an action once in a channel.


      Is it easy to track and score if a lead completes multiple of the same action in the same channel. For example if John Doe visits our booth at two different tradeshows we will have the ability to assign points for each visit. Another example if they pull a whitepaper from two of our different third party vendors we are able to key off the actual action and not the high level source correct?


      Thank you in advance.



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          Wyatt Bales

          Hi Murphy,


          Yes, you can score based off of Program Status change and Fills Out Form (per your 2 examples) and allow the lead to flow through as many times as you want. As long as you have an event program for each Tradeshow, each time the lead's status is updated, it will get scored.


          You can provide an embedded form to your third party to place on their site and use 'Fills Out Form' or you can have them leverage the Forms 2.0 API if they are using their own forms to ensure you get unique tracking for each time the lead fills out the form.

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