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    Email 2.0 Templates Changes

    Kerry Production Cowell

      If I make changes to an email template and then approve it and then go into emails that are already created using that template and approve them, will the emails pick up the templates changes I made?  I've tried this and the answer appears to be no but I want to double-check that I'm not doing something wrong?  Seems to kind of defeat the purpose of templates if have to create all new emails to reflect any template changes.


      Thank you!

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          Erik Heldebro

          Hi Kerry!


          The answer is both yes and no.


          When you are making changes to the CSS in the <style> tags of your email template, for example making changes to styling for specific classes (font-size, color, etc) your email using this template will maintain the new changes that are for the whole email.


          If however you make changes to a module within a container, it will not update modules that are already dragged into the container. You will see this if you were to drag a new module (same type) right below it - The new one will have the changes that have been made.


          So usually when making updates to modules and it's more than one when I approve my template I just create a new email asset in Design Studio to test the layout. If however I have made changed to one module I usually just go back to my email (after approving template) and drag the same module in the container to compare.


          Hope this helps!



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