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Adding/updating custom fields in SFDC, but unable to map to appropriate fields

Question asked by 50c66660a01b5f1423e7fd5bc930d64363b7344b on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by 50c66660a01b5f1423e7fd5bc930d64363b7344b

Hi all! Question here regarding some SFDC and MKTO integration.


I'm currently working on adding new, updated custom fields to SFDC with appropriate Marketo-inclusive API names. Right now, however, the 'Map Lead Fields' are such that we cannot create the new fields due to overlap with the old ones. So, we're unable to delete the outdated fields (and were advised *not* to rename them), but can't map the new ones because of the old ones are still there.


Any idea how to navigate around this? Tried calling Marketo Support directly and was unable to reach anyone.