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    Behavior Score Inactivity...what qualifies?

    James Glavin

      Hi there and Happy New Year!

      I'm setting up a campaign to decay behavior score after a period of inactivity. I've set up a batch campaign that runs periodically (I'm thinking weekly) to look at everyone whose behavior score hasn't changed in the past 60 days. If a person qualifies, they have their score reduced by x.


      My question is - does the flow step that reduces the person's score count as a score change, next time the campaign runs? So if someone has been inactive for 60 days they have their score reduced by x. A week later the campaign runs again. They are still inactive, but because their score was decayed last time...do they qualify for the campaign?


      Thanks for your wisdom!


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          Devraj Grewal



          The flow to lower their score does count as a score change. So make the smart list in the smart campaign "not score was changed: behavior score: in past 60 days" and that will populate with all leads that have not had a behavior score change at all in the last 60 days. So if a lead hasn't had a behavior score change in the last 60 days, they will qualify and get their score reduced. Now the amount of time they have not had a score change will reset to 0 days. Then change the schedule recurrence to "daily" so that every day this campaign looks for those without score changes for 60 days to reduce their score. This lead will not qualify again until it has been 60 days that their behavior score has not changed. Make sure qualification rules allow leads to run through every time.

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