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Willing to share how your Nurture campaigns are built?

Question asked by Jessica Medforth on Dec 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Jessica Medforth

I'm interested to hear from anyone willing to share how they are using Engagement Programs to deliver smart, targeted, nurture campaigns.

We currently have a few Engagement Programs/Streams up and running, but need to get more sophisticated on segmentation and customising content to a person's actions/behaviour.


I'm specifically looking to get a better understanding of how others have:
- Used Engagement Programs in order to deliver more customised content (whether that be through dynamic content, or better segmentation etc.)

- Used Accelerated Engagement Streams, what triggers are you using, how are you transitioning people in and out.

- Used programs, not just emails, in Engagement programs

- Ensured people aren't qualifying for multiple streams


And basically any other learnings you have gathered along the way.


I feel like seeing a few 'real-life' examples is going to help understand more than any self-help or how to guide will, but if anyone knows of any great 'self-help' resources for seeing how they are actually built/structured/set-up please do share. Our Acct Manager has sent me here, but it's all quite high level:


With the holiday period just around the corner, i'll be going on leave until January 9th, but would be very keen to set up a screen share session with anyone able to share.