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    Lead Scoring Question

    Greg Jackman

      I’m setting up Lead Scoring for our future lead nurturing/email campaigns. I have our Behavior & Demographic Lead Scoring setup at a global level, respectively, as best as I can. I decided before running a real email campaign with Lead Scoring applied, I would run a test email campaign with myself. I created a test folder and copied the global Behavior Lead Scoring program (suitcase icon) into it (do I even have to do that since it’s at a global level?). I sent myself the test email with 4 different links in it. Each linked was valued at +5 in my global Behavior Lead Scoring program. And +1 for Opening the email. So theoretically, if I opened the email and clicked on all the links, I would see a 21 increase in my score. I received the email and every time I took an action, I waited a few minutes, and checked my lead score to see how much it increased, but the numbers weren’t correlating to the values I assigned the action in my global Behavior Lead Scoring program. Any thoughts?

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          Devraj Grewal

          Firstly, you do not need to copy the lead scoring program over if it's a global program.


          When you sent a test/sample email to yourself, do you mean you used the "send sample" feature or you actually ran a "send email" flow to a lead with your email address?


          If you sent a sample, the activity on the sample email will not register for scoring.


          If you sent the email to yourself as a lead with a "send email" action, make sure the lead scoring campaigns are triggered and that they are activated and that the qualification rules allow leads to run through them every time.

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              Brent Levi

              Greg Jackman building on Devraj's response... If you did run yourself through a campaign a few follow up things to look at:

              1. Are the scoring campaigns set to Active?
              2. Do you have a limit on how many times an individual can run through a single Smart Campaign?
              3. If the number was higher than expected, did you duplicate scoring rules?
                1. Or perhaps your filter logic is wrong.
              4. If the number was lower than expected (but not 0, if 0 see Devraj Grewal's response) do you have filters on each?
                1. Again, check filter logic.


              Joe Reitz also has a great video on scoring that may help.


              P.S. Did you setup your scoring as numbers in the flow, or tokens? If you didn't use tokens I would highly suggest that as it makes management much easier.

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                  Greg Jackman



                  1. Yes, my scoring campaigns (“Email – Clicks Link in Email” and “Email Open Email”) are set to Active. I did this under the Schedule tab and now the light bulb is on.
                  2. No, I don’t have a limit set. In the Smart Campaign, under the Schedule tab, I click Edit to get to the Qualification Rules and it’s set to “every time”
                  3. The number is higher than expected, but I didn’t duplicate the scoring rules. I only have a lead scoring program on my global level.
                    1. Right now, my filter logic on my Smart List is set to “Use ALL filters(1 and 2 and 3…). Is that correct?
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                  Greg Jackman

                  OK, yes, I deleted the lead scoring program I copied from the global program, so right now, I only have the global program.


                  I sent a real "send email" flow to my email address, not a "send sample".


                  Yes, under the Schedule tab, my the lead scoring campaigns are triggered, activated and the qualification rules are allowing leads to run through them "every time".

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                      Brent Levi

                      Greg Jackman have you taken a look at a lead's activity log to see what campaigns caused them to get points added? That could point to where the issues lie.

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                          Greg Jackman

                          OK, I took a closer look at my Activity Log and figured out why I'm getting 65. All the tokens makes sense, except these:


                          1. Why is it giving me +5 for opening the email when the {{my.Email - Opens}} token is valued only at +1?

                          2. Why is it giving me +10 for clicking a link in the email when the {{my.Email - Clicks Link}} is valued only at +2?

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                              Brent Levi

                              Without being in your instance I wouldn't know. Is it possible that there is a child token overriding this value? I would also suggest testing without the token and see if that works.

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                                Hi, I saw you mentioned those tokens. Someone else set up our lead scoring and I can't seem to find the area where the tokens are housed that show the values for each activity regarding lead scoring. Where do you see yours?

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                                    Darrell Alfonso

                                    Katie Dunn It is probably in the tokens section of the program that contains all the lead scoring campaigns. So click on the suitcase/briefcase and one of the tabs is tokens.

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                                        Omg thank you! I was hunting in admin thinking they were master tokens or something! Duh! Thanks!


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