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Passing UTM values to iframe embedded forms

Question asked by 9f7c9be5fbfce0fd91662f13de20d7a3bf3ebadb on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Ande Kempf

I'm currently looking to pass UTM values from URLs through hidden form fields. I'm currently testing various things and have used the script provided here by Ryan Vong to capture the UTM values in a cookie.


It works on Marketo landing pages, but not currently on our main website, where we have Marketo forms embedded in iframes. As the form is not directly on the page, it can't 'see' the UTM values so isn't able to collect them.


I'm sure there is a workaround, but as I'm not a developer it would take me some time to figure out - I'm hoping a member of the community may already have a solution!


Thanks in advance.