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Tracking SEM/Paid Ad Campaigns in Marketo

Question asked by 49721 on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Ravi Kiran Reddi Reddi
We are scaling our paid advertising campaigns quickly, and I am curious to find out how others are tracking their campaigns in Marketo.

Are you using a traffic cop campaign that pushes a lead to individual programs based on keyword, campaign, content, channel (Google/Bing...), etc.? Or do you use a unique program for just one of these? Or a combination of them?

Like many others, I want to be able to see the ROI from the channel and the campaign at a minimum.

Using UTM codes seems to make the most sense. And grabbing the parameters from these to distribute leads to the individual programs. This way we don't have to create a unique LP or Form for each campaign.

The challenge is being able to report. For example, how do you report individual ads by channel and campaign without having a unique program for each?

Would love to get your thoughts.