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    Controlling Lead Nurture/Engagement Flow



      We have a series of nurture campaigns which we are consistently adding new programs to for new content. A few of the things we have noticed are:


      1) When a new program is introduced the the leads will come back up to receive the new content, and will then redistribute on the next launch.

      2) If leads are brought in through a program that is not at the beginning of the stream, the leads will be brought back to the top of the stream.


      What we want to happen is that when new content is introduced, the leads continue forward rather than going back to receive the new content. Additionally, if the leads are introduced into a stream we want them to continue moving forward rather than moving to the top of the stream.


      Are there any thoughts as to how these items can be accomplished? Will all the logic have to reside on the individual program level?

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          Jessica Kao

          Without digging too deep into it, it has to do with the placement in the stream.  So if you drag the new content to the bottom of the stream, they would continue forward in that order.  Say they are on #3 and you add a piece and it's position #6, the next cast should preserve the order.  Now if they are exhausted then anything you drag into that stream would be executed. Am I understanding the question correctly?

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            Josh Hill



            This is the documented behavior for Engagements.

            • Leads enter at the top and move down for each Cast. Consider these cohorts.
            • Content is not re-used for each lead as long as the Lead is always a member of the Program.
            • Positions - as Jessica notes, content that is dropped into Position 1 will cause ALL the leads below it to now receive the new Content #1. The leads will then go back to their next new Content Position at the next Cast. So if you never want to force all leads to receive the new content, you must put new content at the BOTTOM.
            • Exhausted leads - if they made it through all content to the bottom - will auto receive any NEW content, regardless of which Position it is placed in.


            From your question, Engagements are working correctly and doing what you asked of them.


            Now, you had a subtle question - you want to add new content at Position 1, but not force all leads below to receive this new content. That's just not possible in Marketo. But there are some workarounds:

            • drop the content at the bottom
            • add content in the position you want, but add a Start Date so it doesn't trigger on all leads until you ask it to.
            • pause leads in the stream for a time...but that doesn't really solve it.


            I suspect you are trying to do something here that is not ideally done in Engagements, so perhaps you could clarify exactly your nurture desires so we can help.

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