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    Token Wait Time

    Pieter Leeflang

      Hi everyone,


      I'm playing with an idea of improving the way to adjust for time zone email sends but have run into a problem.


      I know there is the ability to use date tokens but this will be a bit different.


      I've segmented our instance into US times zones(EST, CST, MST, PST, AKST, and HST).

      The idea is to create a wait time value based on their time zone (a data norm campaign would assign a value). the Values would be EST=0, CST=1, MST=2, PST=3, AKST=4, and HST=6. The wait step value would be "{{lead.Time Zone Wait}} hours" (this is where I'm hung up). I tested it and a token value doesn't work. Does anyone know a way I can tokenize a numerical value for a wait step?


      Or am I going to have to have submit this as an idea and let Marketo sit on it?