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Tracking form-loads and form-submissions with google analytics events

Question asked by 9b7624dd119ea2217aa9d7ecfb2f17311c05e649 on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello all,


I've reviewed a good handful of posts regarding Incorporating Google analytics Events with Marketo actions but I'm struggling to find a solution I think could be helpful for many of us.


Some good posts on GA and Marketo I've reviewed so far, which I recommend:



But here is what I'm looking to do, and the above do not seem to clearly address or answer what I'm looking for:


I'd like to track and event for "Marketo Form Load" and then an event for "Marketo form submit" within google analytics to review our web conversion rates and establish GA goals& goal flows around our Marketo embedded forms.


My main question: Is there anybody currently doing this, or is there a better way/ reason I should stop exploring this implementation?


If it seems like a decent approach to the community, I need some support making it happen.


Below are some details on my scenario and how I'm trying to track this.



  • We utilize a global form with progressive profiling for all of our navigable web resources. (case studies white papers etc..)
    • A custom field "latest form fill page" is populated using JS in a Rich text object in the global form itself.
    • Depending on the value in this field users are directed to the pdf asset corresponding to their URL


Current tracking:


  • Webhook sent on completion (Marketo flow action) that tracks a google analytics event (see: Google Analytics and Marketo: Events and Forms and APIs, Oh My! )
    • Category: Form
      Action: Form Submitted
      Label: "latest form fill webpage" value (URL)
    • Downside: webhook will let me count the conversions, but it won't let me view any of the rich data that comes with the web sessions leading to that conversion


My goal:


  • send and event on form load
  • send an event on form submit


This will allow me to see all the data of the web sessions leading to that form completion and set up goal paths etc on GA.


here's the JS that runs in the global form Rich text.


<script>// <![CDATA[

     // populates the hidden field that is critical to sending users to the appropriate url/ .pdf
      ga('send', 'event', 'Form', 'Form Loaded');// I thought this would do the trick for tracking form-loads but GA isnt picking it up

// ]]>


Thanks in advance! I know this is complicated and extensive, but I think it could help a lot of folks!