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    Automate email throttling

    Erin Mackintire

      Hi everyone,


      We often manually throttle our emails that have a CTA to call the sales rep, so they aren't bombarded with more calls than they can handle per day. Right now the process is as follows:

      Take a list of 10k leads where we want to send 2,000 a day Mon-Fri.

      1. Create a static list
      2. Add to the static list via a smart campaign using random sample. In this example it would be 20%
      3. Create a "send email" smart campaign to send it to the 2k members of the static list
      4. Clear static list using another campaign or flow step.
      5. Repeat manual launch of campaigns, taking into consideration that the static list is now down to 8k
      6. Recalculate the random sample to 25%


      Has anyone come up with an easier solution to this? I would love to set it as a reoccurring batch campaign but I want to make sure that the number of leads per day is accurate.



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          Juli James



          Why don't you add the random sampling in an email flow step and then a wait step of a day then then do another random sample email send?


          So you'd have the list of people you want to send to over the week in the 'Smart List' tab, and then 'send email' and 'add choice', select 20% random sample, wait step of 1 day, send email to the next 20% random sample and so on until you get a whole week done?


          That might be an easier option?



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            Juli James

            Sorry for the late reply. 


            The next flow step would take the next 20% of the 10K list as far as I'm aware.  So you'd have to chose 20% of 10k each time.


            So you don't need the extra step of taking 20% of the 10k and adding to a static list and clearing that list each time.




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                Erin Mackintire

                Thanks! I will give it a try

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                    Dory Viscogliosi

                    Hey Erin and Juli,


                    I would advise a remove from flow step after each of the emails is sent, because there is nothing preventing someone from receiving the email multiple times from the random sample -- although this is going to cause you to have a lower sample size for each random sample send.


                    I think the easiest way would be to create 5 static lists, Monday-Friday, and do a random 20% distribution into these lists. Then, set it to send to the Monday list on Monday, and so on.


                    So your flow step would be

                    If random sample is 20% add to list Monday

                    If random sample is 20% add to list Tuesday

                    If random sample is 20% add to list Wednesday

                    If random sample is 20% add to list Thursday

                    Add to list Friday


                    Then there would be a separate send campaign either for each list, or a single send campaign with wait steps -- whichever you prefer.

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                  Juli James

                  Hey Dory,


                  I've done it the way I suggested before and it always selects a different random sample as it can't send the same email to the same person.  I might have just been lucky though maybe?\


                  The other option is good too, setting separate lists for each day of the week.