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Backup policies and services provided

Question asked by 1b42bf5cc08c7f1a8fbdaf0867e158fd45b23c89 on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by 1b42bf5cc08c7f1a8fbdaf0867e158fd45b23c89
I am aware that Marketo provides the ability to restore an instance from a backup, but had a few questions I could not locate answers to within other community posts that I wanted to ask here:
  1. Can support provide a backup to me (in the case that I do not wish to perform a full restore)? If so, instead of providing an entire instance backup, can the data be filtered based on a set of criteria and be restricted exclusively lead data? Also, how far back and how often are backups retained?
  2. Where can I locate more information regarding backup policies & corresponding services that Marketo support provides in lieu of disaster recovery?