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Multi Touch attribution With*OUT* contact roles possible?

Question asked by Eric Lew on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Morgan Corbett

Hi there!


Setting up contact roles in Salesforce is a pain that I'd rather not force on my sales team unless absolutely necessary. Is it possible to do multi-touch attribution without it? Searching on these forums I've found lots of complaints about getting sales to update contact roles (and this is my experience as well), so I have to believe we are not the first company to try to do this.


So far the options I've come up with are:

1 - Upgrade to SFDC enterprise and get a developer to write some custom APEX code to assign ALL contacts to ALL opportunities on their account. In some ways this defeats the purpose of contact roles, but at least it makes seeing a single list of all campaigns that influenced an opportunity easier.

2 - Each time an opp is closed, run a report that shows all campaigns any contact in the account is a member of. Manually track this data in a spreadsheet and aggregate for statistics.


Is there any other way I'm not thinking about? Are people really enforcing contact roles requirements on large active sales teams? This sounds like a nightmare to me. This thread discusses the challenges of getting contact roles: Why Sales Needs To Use Contact Roles