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    Problem with rendering cookie "_mkto_trk" and pre-fill in _mkt_trk input hidden field.

           I have a problem with Munchkin “Asynchronous jQuery”
           We tried to add this code in our website
           <script type="text/javascript">
             url: '//munchkin.marketo.net/munchkin.js',
             dataType: 'script',
             cache: true,
             success: function() {
           but sometime we check the cookie “_mkto_trk” cannot be created and store in our browser.
           We tested by try to clean this cookie and refresh page.
           and other cases sometime it cannot be autofilled the cookie value “_mkto_trk”  to input hidden field “mkt_trk” before we submit the form
           This problem cause we lost 10 - 20% new leads or sometime split our lead to some anonymous leads
           Could you have any idea?

           please answer me ASAP,