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    Dynamic header graphics

    Erik Groth

      I am trying to identify how to serve up custom email header graphics based on a company name. We have some high-value clients and instead of them getting our regular daily newsletter, we wanted to brand the header with their company logo. Anyone know how to do this? 

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          Amanda Thomas

          Hey Erik,


          As for the company logo. I don't know how you could easily do this. You could create an image token, but you'd still have to duplicate each newsletter program/ replace it and replace the smart list for every company. We only customize our newsletter for the big clients/big fish we're trying to get. 


          Alternative: You can insert a token into the newsletter text. Use {{company.Company Name}}. It works just like the Hi _____, in emails. So it would be something like News For {{company.Company Name}}. Definitely be careful with spacing/what comes after. Not all company names are the same length.


          Jose Parr, do you customize your newsletters/have a suggestion?

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            Jose Parr

            I'm guessing you've already created all the different headers with each company's logo on them? Marketo won't be able to do that part.


            My thought would be to pick a field on your leads that's going to be the same across everyone in the same account (maybe an email domain field or website if you have those set up), and then name each of your headers based on that field.


            So, say you have companies ABC and XYZ. All the leads should have the same website (abc.com, xyz.com), so your image files should be called email-newsletter-banner-abc.com.jpg , email-newsletter-banner-xyz.com.jpg and so on. Then, when you're building your email, you can paste the image location in, and replace the website part with a token for the lead's website, so the image url ends with /email-newsletter-banner-{{lead.website}}.jpg


            When Marketo sends out the emails, it'll populate that token with abc.com for the first account and xyz.com for the second, and that'll pull in the two different headers. You'll just need either a separate template for your non-priority accounts, or to somehow populate that field in your non-priority accounts with a generic website.

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