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Using custom activity feed/object fields as tokens in push, in app message and webhook

Question asked by b75ce570a142192e9dc77569a3765dbb950e6251 on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

Let me outline the problem: and please excuse the example


  • We are generating data points from in our application e.g. Purchase - 3 bananas from shop A, Purchase - 2 bananas from shop B, Purchase - 1 apple from shop A
  • We need to send these "Purchase" data points to Marketo with the additional properties(e.g. item 'banana' and amount '3' and location 'shop A') so that they can be used in messages back to the user. E.g. you bought 3 bananas from shop A today, that's great.
  • Marketo needs to receive these, decide on a message based on segmentation and return the message to the user, via either/all a webhook to our application or email or push etc.

The problems we are encountering are:


  • As a custom activity/object: I can't use the additional custom fields as a token to create the message outside of email.
  • As a field on the lead: I can't handle multiple "purchase" event insertions at the same time
  • Using request campaign API: Run into performance overhead issues as can't batch API calls (every lead would have different property values)


If anyone has any thought or alternatives please sing out.