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Weird bug with "Score" field type?

Question asked by cdf04886dc29d2a7d26dfcfa69c457486dd81281 on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

Hi Marketo Community,


Has anyone run across any weirdness on any of their lead scoring fields whether Marketo's Lead Score field or a SFDC Custom "Score" type field not updating and showing the correct sum of the "Behavior Score" and "Demographic/Firmographic" Scores?


I ask because we are currently experiencing this issue. Note***: Since we re-did our lead scoring model last year, our scoring fields are SFDC Custom Fields in Marketo and are "Score" type fields.


Assuming, Lead Score = Behavior Score + Demographic Score:


1 - When a lead is created, it gets scored based on firmographic data and behavior activity in Marketo right away. When the initial SFDC Actvity Sync: Insert occurs, the Demo and Behavior Score pushes into SFDC.

2 - In SFDC, we have a workflow field update (not a formula field) for our Lead Score field. This workflow field update sums the Behavior and Demographic Score and populates the total of B+D in the SFDC Lead Score field.

3 - When it was working, Marketo would recognize the new change in the Lead Score field in SFDC and update the field in Marketo rather quickly.


Our inbound lead assignment smart campaigns rely on this Lead Score field to automatically assign a lead to Sales when they reach a certain scoring threshold, but leads aren't being assigned out because the Lead Score field is not pulling the summed value from SFDC. It keeps trying to write the original Lead Score field from the initial sync that happened upon lead creation. It won't update after the first SFDC Sync.


Note: This is only happening to our SFDC Custom Lead Score field. All other fields are syncing correctly between Marketo and SFDC.


I am currently working with Marketo Support, but no answer yet to why this is happening.

I have had our partner Marketo agency's Developer look into it and he has never seen anything like this either and believes it is a bug.


I'm sure that other Marketo users have a similar lead scoring implementation/model as us so I wanted to see if anyone has noticed any issues recently.