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    Can we set Field Visibility based on Roles?

    Andy Caron

      My group of internal users (60+) are starting to get up to speed and they're discovering the change score flow step. We use this with our end users for some advanced programs like surveys. However, now that they have seen the change score flow step, they're asking about changing the lead score in programs to make sure lead MQL. We have a global scoring program for all four theaters, so we obviously don't want that. They need to be able to see fields like Survey_Score, but we don't want them to see any of our global scoring fields. Is there a way to hide specific fields from certain roles? Is that on the roadmap?

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          Josh Hill

          You cannot hide features like that.


          But you should centralize scoring and your team should NEVER use Change Score on their own. Just tell them you will delete it whenever you see it outside the central system.


          If they want Leads to go to MQL for some reason, you should discuss it with sales to determine if a Fast Track central flow is needed.

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              Andy Caron

              Hi Josh,

              I understand all that, and our scoring IS centralized, and we've told teams NEVER to modify lead scores in programs, and we also have a sales fast track central flow, but the visibility of those fields is what doesn't work for us.


              I'm not actually looking to hide the feature for Change Score. I'm looking for an option to hide our global score fields from our marketing users. We need to use Change Score to modify and track the Survey Score field. I was posting this more in the hopes that MKTO would consider working on something that would limit access to field sets based on Role Permissions.


              Our marketers are wile and regardless of what we set limits on, I'd like to ensure that they can't even see the score fields to modify them.