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Can I import a list to email from Marketo, but not sync them to Salesforce?

Question asked by 8fc1730738850077c567d54e88ec5267150714d0 on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by Josh Hill


I am new to Marketo but have worked in the past with and HubSpot, so am somewhat familiar with the Marketing side of things.


Our team has a large .csv file of names and email addresses they wish to send some messaging to through Marketo, but from the sales perspective I don't want these to sync to SFDC as leads through our integration.

My question is, can we prevent this? In HubSpot we had something called a 'Do Not Sync' list. I was wondering if Marketo has something like this where we import the list as 'Do not Sync', send the messaging, and then have the choice to keep those records in the do not sync list or we can delete the list.



I would really appreciate any help you might have in regards to this.

Thank you!

Robin Root