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    Email Deliverability: London MUG Slides & Follow Up

    Marty Lyon (Admin)

      Thanks to all that attended the MUG yesterday, it was great to see so many faces. We've had some great feedback - and follow up from yesterday's session. So please do keep your eyes posted on the blog for additional content and materials to come.


      First up, please find the general slides attached, and the discussion points around Email Deliverability. Neil Robertson-Ravo will shortly be posting the presentation that Marketo's Scott Nash gave at the Marketo Summit in Las Vegas earlier this year: "The performance secrets THEY don't want you to know".


      On the topic of deliverability I  wanted to call out some great resources that are available on the community and beyond. I recommend familiarising yourselves with the following posts from elsewhere in the Marketing Nation.


      Mike Reynolds has posted a great piece on Maintaining a Directory of Leads Bouncing Emails


      Over in the Marketo Whisperer Blog (Marketo Whisperer: Implementation Tips: which you should all check out) Kristen Carmean has posted a series on managing email deliverability in some bit sized parts:


      Part 1 - Bounces

      Part 2- Unengaged Users

      Part 3 - Troubleshooting High Bounce Rates

      Part 4 - Troubleshooting Spam Blocks


      Additionally there are useful documents available from Marketo too: >Email DeliverabilityEmail Deliverability Cheatsheet. For additional information and global trends, if you would like to share your information with them there's a slew of reports available  Return Path too. For some quick top-line trends see their "2016 Deliverability Benchmark Report", but I also recommend taking a look at "The Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability" & "The Hidden Metrics of Email Deliverability".


      There's a wealth of information out there, so please do add your own recommendations to the discussion below.