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SFDC Lightning Experience

Question asked by d36b55358f833803f8dcdd6a1dca5af7b6da3bf8 on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Ashley Tate

Hi All - My company is starting to look into moving to SFDC Lighting Experience (update UI). Our SFDC administrator pointed out that in our SFDC sandbox where we have the Lighting Experience and are testing, that Marketo Sales Insight does not show up correctly. Specifically, SFDC Lighting Experience does not support java script buttons. When we checked with our account manager, he told us that Marketo indeed does not work with SFDC Lighting Experience and there is no timeline from product when this will happen. Not looking to move MA platforms, but with our renewal coming up soon I may not have a choice if we move to SFDC Lighting Experience and would loose Marketo Sales Insight. I would image more and more companies will be starting to switch to SFDC Lighting Experience. Seems like Marketo would/could be loosing business because of this. Has anyone else heard anything from the Marketo team on this topic?