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    Seeking Marketo Expert - Remote 5-10 hours a week Consultation



      I am seeking a Marketo Expert to help me with my instance. I would like to:

      - Clean up my data/leads in Marketo

      - Organize Leads by Industry

      - Put those leads into Nurture Streams

      - Put emails into those Nurture streams

      - Make sure all the back end stuff like scoring is filled out to get good reporting

      - Hook up to a CRM. I have Zoho CRM, but no Data loaded yet. Looking at Zapier for API.


      I would really like to get to a point where I just need to create and upload my emails.

      I also want to learn how to make more use of Marketo and learn what other people are doing.

      I also want to be learning by doing, so I would like to work by Go-To-Meeting or Skype.

      I can work anytime, but would prefer after business hours Eastern Time.


      Please send offers to davethiemann@gmail.com