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    How can you send emails within a time frame?

      I would like to send out an email 10 minutes after every new lead is created for a particular campaign. I only want the email to go out M-F between 7am - 3pm, and not on weekends. I've tried using the advanced wait step, duration: M-F, must end on: 7am, but this doesn't fit my requirements because it's only sending out the email once per day, instead of each time a new lead is created that match our criteria within our time frame.


      I've tried searching in the community and looks like others have experienced this issue too. The closest answer I've come across is this one, which seems overly complicated for such a simple use case. If anyone has found a way to send ongoing emails each time criteria in a smart campaign get triggered, within a time frame, I would love to hear about how you set this up.



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          Dory Viscogliosi

          Hi Farron, since you want the campaign to only run at certain times of day, you will need to set up something similar to what Justin outlined. Currently there are no other native settings to allow you to only run triggered campaigns at certain times of the day without manually turning them on and off, which isn't scalable and leaves a lot of room for error.

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            Jamie Lewis

            What you need to do is to use wait step rules.  When you have the flow for your triggered email drag a wait step in and then put in 10 minutes as the value, then click the little gear in the wait step window on the right and go to the must end on drop down.  Here you can select Monday - friday or any of the other values.  This should work as it will send out emails created between m-f immediately, bit those created off hours when the time frame opens up again.


            The other thing you could try is instead of sending an email just add the name to a list and then send to the list every day at a certain time.  When the email is sent remove all names from the list.  Therefore, only new names receive the email every day.

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                Dory Viscogliosi

                Hi Jamie, the wait step "must end on" will work if you only want a response to be able to go Monday-Friday, but it won't take into the 7am to 3pm criteria that Farron also noted.


                Unfortunately I don't think that your second solution works either, because it's the equivalent of exactly what she's trying to avoid, as she wants it to go out 10 minutes later unless it's outside of business hours.