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Smart Lists Constraints

Question asked by 0ad0082c7b97a32ead49aaaf9e67456bb7dd7ccd on Jul 22, 2016
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Marketo Superstars - I could use some assistance. The scenario is this: We have multiple LPs that we host in WP with Marketo Forms. Each LP has a different offer in a different area such as: Orlando, FL, Daytona, FL, Gatlinburg, TN and so on. No problem here, we are collecting leads through these forms perfectly. However, we would like to separate this list into smaller buckets where we can do more defined marketing by their interests.


I know by using the Office Hours that we can place a constraint of which LP this lead came in from and send them to another targeted smart list. My problem is this: I have 31 LPs to date that I would need to add as constraints on.

1. Do I add each constraint with a LP separately? I tried grouping LPs by area and listing them as constraints, however, this did not work.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!