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    Program Status was Changed Smart List Filter

    Carson Morford

      I am building a lead lifecycle model and am trying to move leads through the model by adding them to static lists based on their program status changing.


      I understand the Program Status is Changed trigger, but I want the smart list of a smart campaign to say "Added to list -> Program Status was Changed to any values on a list of program statuses". Will this pick up any leads that are added to my desired list that have had their program status changed at any point in time to my desired list of program statuses?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Carson,


          I am not sure I understand what you want to do. Guessing, you want to add leads to a list when there program status changes and then pick any one who is added to this list to move them through the revenue model?


          If so, use the program status is changed trigger in smart campaigns in each of the programs, and in the flow, just add a "add to list" flow step.


          The run another smart campaign that uses the "Is added to list" trigger and perform the step change in the revenue cycle.


          Now, why do you want to use this list as an intermediary?


          Also, keep in mind that the "added to list" event only occurs (and the related trigger only fires) if the lead not already in the list when you run the "add to list" flow step. So if you want to capture this many times, you will have to remove leads from the list before you can add it again.



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              Carson Morford

              No I understand what you suggested, and that is mostly what we are currently doing, however it is not working properly due to timing issues with our sync between Marketo and SFDC.


              Basically what I want is the following: when new leads come into our system they will run through the flows of our first lifecycle stage and then will be added to a static list once they have the correct attributions. Then for the next stage, I want to see that they have been added to that list as an indication they have all the right information to move through the system. If they have been added to that list, and their program status has been changed to any value on the list of program statuses that qualifies them for the next stage, they will then run through the flows for the next stage and will then be removed from the original static list.


              What I am asking is whether the filter of "1 - Program Status was Changed" will catch any leads that have had their program status changed to my desired list of qualifying program statuses at any point in time. I do not have a time constraint on that filter currently. Will this work?