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    Lead Database License Count

    Jason Choi



      I've been trying to clarify on what counts as a lead database license and the answer hasn't been clear yet.


      I know that a true anonymous lead is a lead who visits the website with munchkin and browses the site. The lead hasn't filled out a marketo form and his marketo record cannot be seen in lead database unless you visit a hardcoded URL . This type doesn't count as a license.


      To me,  I have been believing that "If I can find the record in lead database search", its  treated as "known" and counts as a license, regardless of whether it has an email address. Some examples of how such records can be created


      1) An anonymous lead fills in a marketo form with just first name.

      His marketo record in lead database with just first name and inferred fields populated but email address is blank.


      2) Marketo API was used to create a lead record with no email address.


      3) A marketo record created from a push from the CRM where the CRM record doesn't have an email address


      However, some say that "as long as the record in the lead database doesn't have an email address, its treated as "anonymous/known" and "non-marketable", and doesn't count as a license". This doesn't make sense to me because this means that someone could actually create a 1000 records in Marketo without an email address (through API for example) and claim no licenses are being used.


      Does anyone know the true answer to this please?