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    Opportunity Stage didn't update

    Robb Barrett

      This is a problem that was just handed to me today. I'm not super familiar with how the SFDC > Marketo Opp sync works so I'm hoping someone can help me identify the problem here.


      1. MKTO:Lead created on 3/24
      2. MKTO:Synched to SFDC moments later
      3. MKTO:Converted to Contact on 3/25
      4. MKTO: Added to Opportunity on 3/25
        1. No unit price / dollar amount assigned to opportunity
      5. SFDC: Goes through Opportunity stages:
        1. Stage 1 3/25 at 12:17 estimated order date of 3/31
        2. Stage 1 3/25 at 12:17 estimated order date of 6/23
        3. Stage 3 3/25 at 12:17 estimated order date of 4/30
        4. Stage 3 3/25 at 12:19 estimated order date of 5/31
      6. MKTO: Opportunity Updated on 3/30 (Not sure what)
      7. MKTO: Opportunity Updated on 5/3 (Not sure what)
      8. MKTO: Opportunity Updated on 5/3 Changed Legal Name (2 hours after last update)
      9. SFDC: Stage 7 (Won - Implement) 5/5 at 2:44am estimated order date of 5/4
      10. MKTO: Opportunity Updated to Close Win. Opportunity updated date was 5/5 but nothing was recorded for 30 days
        1. MKTO: sees Forecast Cat change, Date Step Changed, and all other dates closed on 5/4


      Any idea what would cause it to miss the update?

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          Jamie Lewis

          Did anything else update after 5/4?

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            Josh Hill

            Did something change about the permissions? Can you see other updates for Opps Closed Won that also update after Won?

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              Robb Barrett

              Looks like I see this happening in other opps as well.  So - grasping at straws here - if the opportunity is updated after the Estimated Close Date, can this cause a problem? I'm seeing this in a lot of situations.

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                Geoff Krajeski

                Just throwing it out there....


                What about you Channel Status setup and values, users cannot move backwards in the stages.


                Could the order or values be causing any issue?

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                    Robb Barrett

                    Thanks but we don't tie Marketo program status to opportunity.


                    Our workflow is such: Marketo for Marketing lead entry and marketing activity. Only Marketing metrics are reported - leads generated, converted to PQL, emails opened, etc.  SFDC for sales activity. Once a lead PQLs we pass it to SFDC, which then becomes source of truth for reporting.


                    A success metric in MKTO is more tied to the call to action, such as attending a webinar.


                    The problem is now that we're seeing opportunities update up until the time of the estimated close date and not afterwards. In cases where the close happens today and the Est'd Close Date is set as today, I'm wondering if it's not set for Today at 00:00:01, which is obviously before the current time.

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                        Neil Wright



                        Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm looking at potentially the same problem: some Opps just not updating back to Marketo, despite having the Stage updated in SFDC months ago but no update to the Opp in Marketo since. It's not a global problem as most Opps do, in fact, update whereas there are some that do not. Also, if I go back today and update a field in one of the problem Opps in SFDC it will then update back to Marketo 10 mins later - why didn't it do this months ago when the Opp was Closed Won?

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                            Robb Barrett

                            We're told it's the volume of opportunity updates causing the issue.

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                                SFDC Team

                                Hi Neil,


                                We are facing exactly same issue, in fact in most of cases, even a single Stage update hasn't reflected in Marketo for more than a month.

                                There is one Opportunity where the Stage update was done in Nov , 2017. It is still not reflecting in Marketo.


                                Did any one find the root cause for this issue?


                                All response much appreciated. This is causing Email campaigns being sent in appropriately.



                                There are scenarios where it syncs after 3 months. This cant mean the sync backlog has been going on for 3 months..


                                The more i think, the more i feel somehow marketo didn't capture that SystemModStamp field change for specific records. Later some other internal SFDC change made the records eligible again and were synced.

                                I hope i am talking something sensible. Please help me if i am not.