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Currency Formatting with 2 decimal places

Question asked by aa9e2a83431c8dd84d28c4ea969021c42a79b76e on Jul 8, 2016
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Hi there,


We would like to input currency values as variable data for a large email send. The leads are generated via a local list, so a .CSV file, and we are using the currency token to pull the individual dollar amounts from that file. Unfortunately, the .CSV file removes trailing zeros on the currency values and Marketo is reading the exact number from the file. For example, $1.25 or $0.25 works fine. But, values such as $0.30 or $1.30 are read as $0.3 or $1.3 on the Test emails. We have not figured out a solution to keep the trailing zero in the .CSV file. Does anyone have a solution for this so we can include trailing zeros for those amounts?