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send email to "additional email address"

Question asked by 4273ee9393fc05f192467296025976d75acfc2af on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Grégoire Michel


Have anyone found a way to send a email to a leads "additional email address" but not to the "email address"?

I know it's not standard but it would be sweet for my idea!




We have a "tip" function at the company where anybody working here can give information on a company we should contact. The quality on these "leads" vary and there is not every time the employee has a email to the lead so he or she will fill in there own. This is no problem in its own because we always call up the leads to qualify and make sure they are handled the right way.


Here is the crux: We would like to send a notification to our employee when we update the lead so they may know what happened to it after they served it to the company..

That's the story behind my question. I would like to take the employees email, store it as the leads "additional email address", update the "email address" with the correct one and at the same time send a email to the "additional email address" notifying the employee what happened.