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    RSS-to-Email: Perkuto vs Feedotter

      In LaunchPoint, there are 2 solutions RSS-to-email solutions: Perkuto and Feedotter


      Looks for some feedback from the community on these solutions. Pros and cons. Is one better than the other? Is there another solution that's better?


      Thanks for your help!


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          Josh Hill

          Digesto works well for me. Not familiar with Feedotter. Not clear if Feedotter works the same way as Digesto...although it looks very similar.


          The only complaints I've heard are that some people don't want to pay for a solution, which is silly because this takes out huge amounts of manual work and ties your data to Marketo.


          The other caveat is that for this to work automatically, any solution has to use the same Program and email each send. So reporting requires you to manage the date range of the reports better. Not that big a deal though.

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