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    Marketo Certification Expert - anyone else studying?

    Sally Dickson

      Just a quick questions

      • Is anyone else studying for this in the university?
      • Is there a group to chat about studying?
      • Has anyone recently sat the exam?
      • Any tips?
      • How close to the real thing is the practice exam?

      Welcome your thought

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          Juli James

          Hi Sally,


          I sat my second MCE exam at Summit a few months ago, and to be honest I spent most of my studying just looking through the MCE Study Guide: Marketo Certified Expert Preparation Tools 

          This was all I really needed to be honest.  If you're in Marketo on a daily basis then you'll be fine.  The practice exam helped me a lot!  I didn't have a practice exam for the first year I did my exam so felt much more prepared this time.  And the practice exam is very close to the real thing (and no where near as long!).


          One suggestion - if you don't use Calendar a lot, ensure you read up on it and learn it as there is whole section (6 questions I think) on that alone.


          Oh, and make sure you read the questions carefully - they way they are worded is a bit odd. 


          90mins is more than enough to do the whole exam as well, I did mine in 35 mins and then spent 10mins double checking anything I'd marked as I wasn't sure of them.


          Hope this helps?



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            Adele Miller

            Hi Sally,


            Juli James is spot on - I did the exam at Summit this year again and it really doesn't need 90 minutes, however the wording is unusual so I would also recommend taking time to review each one to ensure you can clear their question logic in your head.

            The Calendar is not something I use day to day so I took extra time in the Product Docs section of the Community to read up on that but the one thing that caught me out were some questions on SEO - I didn't even know Marketo did that so I would recommend checking out the docs on that if you are not sure too.


            The practice exam helped me alot, the questions are repeated on there quite a bit though so if you feel it looks familiar when you are going through then you have probably got the same one again!


            Best of luck and let us know how you get on



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