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Hard Coded Landing Page - code being stripped out

Question asked by 4655bbb99c5018e43d03218201825a4afcc6fddf on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by 4655bbb99c5018e43d03218201825a4afcc6fddf

Hello There,

I have a landing page that I hard coded and would like to use Marketo to host the page. I added it as a template, and then created the landing page using the template. The page looks great in all browsers and devices - except for IE. To see if it was a landing page error or a Marketo error - I viewed the html file in IE (not the Marketo hosted version but the actual file) and it looks great so it would appear something is happening on the Marketo side.
Has anyone had this experience before? Is the code that automatically inserts itself once you approve the template in Marketo throwing the code off when viewing it in IE?

The Marketo hosted page is here:

The actual html file is here:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!