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Question asked by 6cdb174238a46788597e90414e581e994ccab88b on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Jamie Lewis

Hi everyone -


I'm trying to set up one smart campaign to do a series of email sends over a few months. I want to make sure they are removed from this series if they become a member of the smart campaign to keep track if the prospect requests a call back from these emails. These emails will all have the same trigger in the CTA.


Smart campaign for requesting a call back called "Requested a Call":


Trigger is fills out form:

Form Name: Global Call Back

Web Page: Thank You

Querystring contains: utm_campaign=This_Campaign_2016


Smart campaign to send series of emails is called Send Emails:


Flow: Send email #1

Wait 2 weeks

Remove from Flow if:

     If Member of Smart Campaign in Requested a Call

     Campaign is Send Emails

Send email #2 (this will only go to those who did not fill out the form which will be associated to the smart campaign above)


Is this correct? Then I can repeat the steps since it will not send to those who are in that Requested a Call smart campaign?