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How to set Facebook Thank You page

Question asked by Rachel Breden on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Rachel Breden

I inherited my company's Marketo instance from a coworker a while ago and just discovered through Facebook that she had set up a landing page with form on Facebook. The problem is, I cannot find the form or page anywhere in Marketo. I created a new page to override the one she had set up, but I can't seem to get the Thank You page to work. When I submit the form, I get redirected to the company's Contact Us page on our main website. I've tried multiple times to set the Thank You page through both the form and the landing page, but it won't work. I had a coworker try it out on her computer, but the screen just froze for her. The information she inputted in the form went through to Marketo like it should have, but she would not have known that. Any ideas?