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Velocity Script in Email Token

Question asked by f685e17c7386969f1e8287646cc4e3e830ea9f1a on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by f685e17c7386969f1e8287646cc4e3e830ea9f1a

Hi Community

I am trying to add hours to marketo date and time field which is sync with SFDC custom object and fetch data from SFDC custom object.

Problem here is velocity script is not working in this field, is it because its stored as string not as object?
I have refereed following doc, Adding Days and Comparing Dates

my script goes like this:


#set($x = ${lead.Date}.calendar)




I need to add 7 hour to date that i get in lead.Date field (Originally problems comes because custom object which is sync, does not calculate time zone and i am having 7 hour different in data that I have in marketo, than in SFDC custom object )


any help will be appreciated!