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    Email Testing/Proofing Best Practices

    Brooke Lamb

      Hi there,

      What's your process for reviewing, proofing, and testing your emails? We've had a couple of mishaps recently and are trying to identify a better process for testing.


      Do you have outside people review your emails? How many people typically review the email before it's sent out? Do you proof your email before you code it in? Or proof after it's been coded?




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          Juli James



          Our process is:

          Field Marketer provides copy in word

          Create Marketo Email

          Send test to self and then to Field Marketer for approval (sometimes the Field Marketers will also send to the sales team)

          Once approved its ready for send.


          So it goes though a couple of eyes before being approved for send.  That is normally enough for us.


          Hope this helps?




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            Colin Mann

            We use a similar approach to the one outlined by Juli James.


            We proof the copy in Word across two sets of eyes and then build the email in Marketo. We then send a test email to ourselves (remembering to test every link too) and also forward that to a member of our Integrated Marketing Communication team for English language emails or to local Field Marketing for languages outside of English.

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              Katie Marks

              We also have a similar process to the above, with an additional step (if we are given enough time, that is).


              Like others, the copy is written, edited and approved in Word, and then built and tested in Marketo. Once the Marketo email is finalized, I schedule a "preflight" send to our team one day before the actual send. Once final approval is provided that day (or we decide to hold on the send), I schedule and approve the send in Marketo.


              The preflight has been working well since we ideally have time in between writing/creating the email and the actual send to get our minds out of it. We do not usually have outside eyes on the email, unless the content requires it. We are a smaller team with a smaller database size, so this process works for us - I am not sure how it would scale up.