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Free-Form "Insert Elements" positioning.

Question asked by af7f8dce40924c084a286a4a63f3669009578a2c on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by af7f8dce40924c084a286a4a63f3669009578a2c

Hi, I need some light-shed on the current matter.

I am very new to Marketo and our marketer wants a template where one can drag and drop "Insert Elements" onto a free-form page template.

How does this work? I mean I add (for instance) a Form control onto the page and it's default position is wherever you put it on the page with a "Left" attribute of x pixels from the left of the browser window.

How does one insert any of the "Insert Elements" into a specific container of a template so that it is positioned correctly?


I have this misconception of dragging an "insert element" from the right and dropping it into a div element and setting its position properties according to the the div element. Is it not done this way? Should I rather create a guided landing page and let the marketer send me specifications to add to a template myself? What are the free-form templates for then?