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Wait Step Date Token in Smart Campaign

Discussion created by Carly DeCoste on Mar 2, 2016
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Hi, I have a question about the date token functionality in a wait step. We want to send leads a series of auto emails after a lead was created. I set up a smart campaign using the date token wait step based on the lead created date. Somehow the wait step did not work properly and I'm not sure why.

Here is the flow that I am using in my test smart campaign:

Smart Campaign.PNG



For the test campaign, my test lead was created 1 day ago at 11:30 am. When I ran this campaign earlier today, I was expecting to receive the first email at 1:00 and the second email at 3:00. However, both emails were triggered automatically once I activated the campaign around 12:30.


Not sure what the problem is. Has anyone else had trouble with a wait step that using a date token? Thanks!