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'Clicks link in email' activity not accurate

Question asked by James Glavin on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Andy Penkalski
Our sales team have been experiencing a strange patter of alerts to let them know that someone has clicked in an email.   Yesterday, one of our sales reps all of a sudden received 40+ alerts all at once to tell him his contacts had clicked a link in an email. The strange thing is that the email had gone out several days previously, so it was *extremely* unlikely so many of his contacts had clicked in the email at that very moment. Looking at the Marketo activity logs for these contacts, it shows a strange pattern - a number of his leads are showing that they all clicked an email four times, round about the same time. 

I logged this issue with Marketo Support, and their response is that this was probably caused by email security software testing the links, which Marketo sees as a genuine click. Apparently there's nothing we/Marketo can do to avoid this. The thing is, it seems like this has only become a problem for us in the past few weeks, so it feels like this is a new issue, although Marketo insists there's nothing wrong with the way we have things set up.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Does is seem to have worsened lately? What methods do you use to prevent these artificial clicks from being captured and inflating lead score. How do you make sure Interesting Moments are only created for genuine clicks?

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