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Email Suspended Field - Seed List Challenges - Seeking Ideas on how to keep the list 'pristine'

Question asked by d5395373b693cc21b242ede261d828bfb8a13828 on Oct 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Roxann McGlumphy

FOCUS:  Email Suspended Field


BACKGROUND:  We use ReturnPath for our deliverability seed list, although this should apply to anyone using seed lists.  We also validate emails and use the validation results to mark leads as invalid.


Why am I asking and why is this important? Our instance has 50+ programs running with each having 6+ emails that are 'evergreen' e.g. new leads start in the programs every day, seven days a week.  To get accurate inbox deliverability and placement measurements it is critical that all 455 seed emails get sent for each campaign we are monitoring.  If we do not send all 455 seed emails we will be penalized in the inbox placement scores strictly due to missing seed emails.


Current Situation, we have 61 ReturnPath seed emails marked as email suspended, currently none are in the 24 hour window.


GOAL:  Keeping the ReturnPath Seed email records in a permanent emailable state.  In an effort to achieve this goal, I have developed various batch and trigger smart campaigns to counteract and reset the records for hard bounces, multiple soft bounces, invalid emails, marketing suspended emails and potential unsubscribe emails.


CHALLENGE: The Marketo email suspended field. 

  • Problem 1: The automatic email suspended field 24-hour hold.  I am seeking ideas to counteract, override, workaround, avoid, or trick for one small static list.
  • Problem 2: Marketo is not resetting the email suspended field, email suspended at field and the email suspended cause field after 24 hours to false or null.


Questions for Marketo: 

  1. How do other customers handle keeping seed lists in a constant emailable state?
  2. Marketo, If the email suspended state is temporary why don't you automatically show when a lead enters the 24 hour period AND indicate when the lead leaves the 24 hour period. If this is not on the roadmap, why not let the customers do it after a lead leaves the 24 hour period?
  3. Alternatively, why not make a provision for a new type of 'system list' for admins only, that is specifically used for seed lists?
    1. This list could activated at the email level, with the other options, with a radio box saying send seed list Y/N
    2. Or, this could be at the program level as well.

Either way I am looking to enhance the utility and usage of the Email Suspended Field.


Looking forward to hearing from the community