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Undelivered Smart List

Question asked by fa99c34c9323e533c359aec98495fd0760131715 on Mar 1, 2016
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I am trying to create a smart list that will provide only those email accounts, addresses, ID, etc. that were undelivered. I understand there is a current Smart List filter that reads "was delivered email"; however, when exporting this list, I have to do a vlookup to find those email addresses that were undelivered. I tried to find "was undelivered email" or simply search in the smart list filter search bar for "undelivered" but found that neither of these exist. Is this something that my particular Marketo instance consist of? Has anyone else had success to creating smart lists that show only undelivered accounts? I found a filter called "Not Was Delivered Email" but this filter does not show the undelivered, as I thought maybe did. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?